Not your typical chiropractor

Here at Meyster Chiropractic, we pride ourselves in doing things  a bit different from  your typical chiropractor down the street.  Our mission is rooted in delivering the best care possible for each individual patient, which is manifest in the following: 

We treat you like family

It really is that simple.  We believe best patient care begins and ends with this attitude.  We strive to provide the same level of empathy, engagement and expertise we wish our own kin would receive when they seek out medical attention.  We don't engage in silly marketing ploys to get you in the door; instead we simply offer the best care for our patients and let the results, and our patients, do the marketing for us.  

Short-term, individual treatment plans

The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.
— Sir William Osler

As much as we would like our patients to fit a pathology textbook description, the reality is that each patient is unique.  As there are various causes for the same disease, the prescribed treatment must therefore address the cause, instead of only treating the symptom.  Whereas one patient with back pain benefits from rest and a course of acupuncture, another might benefit from a specific exercise regimen or a spinal adjustment.  We believe that taking the time for a detailed history and physical examination is crucial in determining the root cause of disease, which in turn,  dictates appropriate treatment.  

The biggest advantage of taking such an individualized approach to treatment selection is faster recovery.  Here at Meyster Chiropractic we pride ourselves in getting patients better fast.  We don't use scare tactics to keep you coming back three times a week for the next three years, instead we help you recover quickly and educate you on injury prevention for the future. 


It takes only two to tango, but it takes at least two to get you better.  At Meyster Chiropractic we understand the doctor-patient relationship is a partnership whose main objective is to  get you better.  We work closely with our patients to establish realistic goals and set concrete deadlines by which we would like those goals accomplished.  Both the doctor and the patient have  active roles on the road to recovery.  Research strongly indicates that best results in health care are achieved when patients are actively involved in their recovery.  We have high expectations of our patients to follow through on their end of the treatment plan, be it specific take-home exercises and stretches or in fact taking a break from rigorous activity.  

Another part of teamwork is being aware of your limitations and getting other team members involved when needed.  We realize that there are times when additional information, such as imaging (X-ray, MRI, etc.) or specialized testing, might be needed  to correctly diagnose and treat a patient.  In some cases it will become more appropriate to refer the patient out to a different specialist once we have exhausted the limits of conservative care.  We monitor your progress carefully and schedule regular re-examinations to ensure continued improvement.