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At Meyster Chiropractic we accept most insurances, are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and Medicare. In light of the current health insurance market with high premium, high deductible plans on the rise, we are happy to offer competitive cash rates to our patients. We believe that current high health care costs should not be an impediment to receiving excellent conservative care, so we do our best to find the most affordable payment option for our patients. Don’t hesitate to call us, send us a question down below, or schedule a free consultation online to find out what your best payment option is.

It has never been easier to schedule an appointment or contact us. By clicking the “Book an Appointment” button, you will be directed to our online scheduling system. There you can select whether you would like to schedule a New Patient visit, or a Follow Up visit. If you are not sure whether chiropractic care is appropriate in your specific case, you may schedule a Free Consultation with the Doctor, and they can answer your questions.

You may call or even text us with your questions or to book an appointment at (708) 762-8776. In addition you may use the form below to ask us a specific question or to help you schedule an appointment, and we will call you back. We do our best to respond the same business day.

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We take your private and health related information very seriously and do our best to keep it protected and confidential in accordance with the HIPPA guidelines and regulations.